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Undergrad Teaching Labs

Both Kapa Biosystems and Advansta provide us with sample packs of their PCR, qPCR and Western Blotting reagents to offer to new customers for assessment purposes.

Kapa Biosystems and Advansta have both given us permission to purchase these sample packs and provide them free of charge for teaching labs.

Part of the appeal of these reagents is that their manner of presentation is well suited to the teaching lab environment. The Kapa 2G Robust and 2G Fast enzymes can be provided in 20rxn Ready-Mix format, with loading dye. The single tube comes in a little bag with an instruction sheet. The Advansta ECL reagent would be supplied as 2x 3.5ml pottles of ECL reagent and peroxide.

If you need to speed things up in the lab we would recommend the 2G Fast, which polymerises at 1kb per second - not that useful to many researchers, but you may be able to get your protocol shortened to complete the gel running in the same lab time. The same 2G Fast enzyme is used in the Sybr qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents, which may make those protocols an option in teaching labs.

If you would like to bring RT-qPCR into a teaching lab, the RNAGEM kit from ZyGEM would be ideal, giving you RT ready RNA in about 10 minutes from cell culture and the Kapa One-Step RT-qPCR should be completed in about an hour.

However if the teaching lab is about end point PCR and you just want the PCRs to work, then the bomb-proof 2G Robust Mastermix would be your best bet.

As far as Advasnta's WesterBright ECL is concerned, aside from sensitivity and robust performance, this product offers the convenience of a 6 hour signal, which should take some of the pressure off the imaging. We can of course let you use our demo unit of the LumG gel doc platform if you would like to avoid using film.

So if you do have a teaching lab that does qPCR, PCR or Westerns, and would like us to help you with conveniently packaged, high performance reagents, at no cost then just reply drop us an email with the details of the teaching lab, number of student groups, number of PCRs or Westerns per group and we can get you set up.