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To make sure everyone gets the most from our morning teas, we give you the option to give us a heads up on any kits you would like to try, technologies you would like to discuss or custom services like NGS or oligo synthesis, as well as letting us know what preferences you have for refreshments.

To give you an incentive we will be giving away 10 iTUNES or Google Play vouchers on the day in a raffle.  If you've filled out a survey, your name will be on a card in the pile we draw from.  And don't worry, it is rigged:  we only put as many names in the draw as surveys, so the first ten names drawn will get a voucher.

Select your location from the icon below to take your survey - it is short, mainly check boxes and you select the topic or topics on the first page to limit it to your interests.

We would also ask that you let us know if you would like us to meet particular dietary needs.  We are mindful of many such needs, most of what we have is nut and gluten free, but if you want soy for your latte, do let us know!

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