RNAGEM Tissue and RNAGEM Tissue plus offer extraordinary power in the analysis of small cell populations or plate based cell culture assays.  

Delivering linear yields of DNA and RNA from 1-200,000 cells, these kits allow the immediate gene expression profiling of FACS sorted primary and cultured cells, and laser captured samples.  

When used in 96 or 384 well format, these kits dramatically reduce the cost of RNA preparation in cell culture applications, and provide greater sensitivity when profiling low abundance transcripts.

For more information on RNAGEM, please click here, for application notes please visit the download section.

  • The MicroGEM protease rapidly degrades RNAse A and other RNA-degrading enzymes (see QC Page)
  • Closed–tube (protects sample integrity, minimises cross-contamination and improves bio-safety)
  • Hands–off (saves labour costs and allows for high throughput batch processing)
  • One-step (reduces the opportunity for processing to alter the biological composition of the sample)
  • Easily automated (compatible with most low cost, off-the-shelf liquid handling robots)
  • Optimal for small sample sizes and low cell numbers (with linear yields from 10 – 100,000 cells)
  • Can be adapted for single-cell work
  • Fast and easy. Compare the workflows of RNAGEM and Trizol

RNAGEM workflow2