• MagBindCircDNA
  • RxnPure Plus
  • EZNA Plasmid Mini2
  • EZNA Cycle Pure
  • EZNA Plasmid Mins
  • MagBindPlantDNA

RNA Purification

Omega Biotek offers a comprehensive range of kits for the isolation of total RNA, mRNA, miRNA and total nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from a variety of sample types, including blood, tissue, plant material, yeast, fungi and soil.

These kits are available, in most cases, either as a column based kits or using Omega Biotek's proprietary Mag-Bind® magnetic bead system.

For a full listing of the kits available for the purification of RNA please visit the on-line store and you will find brochures and technical data sheets in the downloads section of the website.