The prepGEM™ range of DNA extraction kits offer solutions for rapid DNA extraction in tube, strip or plate format.

The MicroGEM reagents, including the prepGEM™ range, rely on the use of a highly active, thermostable protease coupled to an optimised buffer system, that allows the extraction of DNA in around 15 minutes.

The open prepGEM range utilises heat to inactivate the extraction and this renders the DNA single stranded. Whilst this format is ideal for downstream PCR or Isothermal or minION analysis methods, it is not ideal for more routine next generation sequencing using Illumina or Ion Torrent.

For solutions to deliver NGS ready gDNA please refer to the PDQeX system.

There are two products in the open prepGEM range:

  • prepGEM Universal: saliva, buccal, dispersed cells, blood, EDTA blood, insects, most animal tissue
  • prepGEM Bacteria: gram+ve and gram-ve strains.

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