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Pluripro® Pluripotent Cell Culture System

Take Control

The Pluripro Cell Culture System consists of matrix and media products that allow the maintenance and expansion of human pluripotent stem cells in the absence of feeders at >98% levels of pluripotency. Cells can be readily differntiated when transferred into the appropriate media.


The Pluripro® culture system contains everything human pluripotent cells need for growth and maintenance. No need to add growth factors. Pluripro® medium is suitable for colony-based and
single cell passage-based conuent culture. 

Easy adaption from feeders

Growing human pluripotent cells should not take all your precious time. Pluripro® makes it easier than ever to move from the limitations of feeder-dependent culture. Follow our simple-to-use protocol,
and within a week you'll have a stable culture of pluripotent cells.

Each lot functionally tested

Oct9 Staining

Quality control is key to reliable performance. In addition to a range of standard tests for cell culture media, each lot of Pluripro® medium and Pluripro® matrix is functionally tested to ensure optimal performance of our system in your lab.

Uniformity across culture

Cells cultured in Pluripro® grow uniformly across the culture surface providing a highly homogenous pluripotent population and an excellent, uniform starting material for directed dierentiation. Oct4 staining shown on the right.

Passage 2 cell lines in 15 mins

Culturing human pluripotent cells in Pluripro® is so simple, you will soon be passaging multiple cell lines in minutes rather than hours. No need for dissection, so growth in asks is easy, making scale up simple. 

Ready to use matrix

Pluripro® medium is a complete formulation so you know it will work each time. Warm up before use and it's ready to add to your
pluripotent human cells. Ask for a free trial kit and you'll discover how easy it can be to reliably culture human pluripotent cells.

No growth factor supplements

Pluripro® matrix is a concentrated solution of puried human proteins. Add Pluripro® matrix solution to dishes/asks 2-72 hours before passage and remove just before adding cells to leave a coat of proteins that provide an ideal growing surface for your cells.