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ZyGEM has developed an integrated pipeline that takes you from sampling leaves in an orchard, greenhouse or the field through to DNA preparation.

The sampling step is simple, robust and reliable. Using the ZyGEM Crusher tool, leaf samples are processed onto barcoded storage cards.  The sample collection takes less than a minute.

From this card, 2-3 punches are placed in the PDQeX system and DNA is eluted in 15 minutes. The system is capable of processing 24 samples in a single 15 minute run, although smaller batch numbers can be used without wasting reagents or plasticware.

This workflow simplifies the process of collecting, archiving and extracting nucleic acids from leaves, seeds, roots, stems, cotyledons, as well as other succulent sample types such as insects.

Using ZyGEM's PDQeX technology for DNA extraction, total processing time is approximately 15 minutes from a plant sample to PCR-ready DNA.

The phytoGEM collection cards allow for plant samples to be stored at room temperature for months at a time, removing the need for freezing of samples and cold storage.

As the PDQeX machine is fully portable, collection and extraction can be done in the greenhouse with no need to take samples back to the lab.

Downstream applications such as qPCR, minION and Ion Torrent NGS have all been performed on PDQeX processed samples.

An example of using PDQeX extractions in the field can be seen in this video.