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PCR and DNA Fragment Clean Up

PCR clean up is a routine proceedure but from a a variety of sources, reactions, agarose or poly-acrylamide gels.  The downstream uses of such PCR products will also vary, from cloning to sequencing to digests.

Omega Biotek offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the isolattion of DNA fragments, from 70bp to 20+kb, in mag-bead format or columns, low elution options are available.

When it comes to sequencing, Omega Biotek offers kits that allow size selection off a column, dye terminator clean ups and a bottle swap option for beads on automated SPRI™ platforms that deliver more consistent yields from sample to sample than other bead based clean ups.

Take a look at the on-line store for more information on the product range that Omega offers for PCR product clean up.