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The LT-5000MS is a fully automated microplate reader which includes Manta data analysis software, built in incubation and 340nm (UV) reading.


  • Precision optical system ensures accurate and reliable data
  • Wide wavelength range of 340-750 nm allows assay flexibility
  • Five filters supplied as standard (standard or customer's choice)
  • Additional filters can be user installed in minutes
  • Accurate temperature control guarantees stable data for long term kinetic assays
  • Comprehensive on-board software allows the reader to be used effectively as a stand-alone instrument
  • A full control and data analysis PC software package, Manta, is supplied as standard
  • Included as standard with every LT-5000MS is the Manta PC software package.

Developed by Dazdaq solutions, Manta provides intuitive reader control and data analysis features.

Manta PC software features and benefits:

  • Quick Start Wizard allows fast and easy setup of read protocols and data analysis
  • Custom plate layouts with colour coding, simplify even the most complex assays
  • Automated data export as text / html or into Word / Excel
  • Intuitive data analysis features improve workflow
  • Comprehensive library of inbuilt data analysis options for both endpoint and kinetic assays
  • Full audit trail and GLP features