PODS Growth Factors

Growth Factors

Stem cell proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation are regulated by a range of molecular mechanisms. Growth factors, transcription factors, and other components of signal transduction pathways all combine to coordinate cell behaviour. These signaling pathways can be modulated by naturally occurring and synthetic growth factors which bind to individual components of the pathway.

When binding causes modification of the target molecule's activity, the pathway can be disrupted. By targeting a particular pathway, it is possible to enhance stem cell proliferation and direct cell fate decisions.

Cell Guidance Systems offers a proprietary system that delivers a constant flow of growth factors called PODS Growth Factors.

The advantages of the PODS system include:

  • Slow-release depot formulation

  • Efficacious for weeks to months at 37oC

  • Non-denaturating production for superior bioactivity

  • Attaches readily to substrates for localized effects

  • Negligible batch variation

  • Manufactured in insect cells for important post-translational modifications

  • Animal-free manufacturing process

  • Stable storage at 4oC, no need to freeze or aliquot

  • Available in small, medium and large pack sizes

  • Cost effective

PODS graphic 2a

 PODS graphic 1


PODS can be used for a wide array of amplicantions, including:

  • Micropatterning
  • Physiological, stable gradient formation
  • Bioinks for 3D printing
  • Microcarriers
  • Functionalizing scaffolds
  • Microfluidics (lab on a chip)
  • Improved and simplified stem cell culture
  • Therapeutic protein delivery









To see the full list of growth factors available please vist the Custom Science store by clicking here.