• MagBindCircDNA
  • RxnPure Plus
  • EZNA Plasmid Mini2
  • EZNA Cycle Pure
  • EZNA Plasmid Mins
  • MagBindPlantDNA

Genomic DNA Purification

Omega Biotek offer one of the most comprehensive ranges for gDNA purification kits in the market, with optimised kits to isiolate gDNA from blood, mamallian tissue, plant tissue, cells, bacteria, fungi, molluscs, soil, stool and water, using both bead and column based methods.

gDNA purification can be straightforward, or it can be compromised by co-purified compounds.  The optimised kits from Omega Biotek ensure that you will get the highest purity of your targeted DNA from any sample.

Take a look at the on-line store to look for DNA purification kits that will meet you sample and through-put needs.