Eco™ 48 Optical System

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The Eco™ 48 Real Time PCR system contains an advanced high-performance optical system that delivers precise and sensitive fluorescence detection, facilitating all 4 colour multiplex applications.

The system is provided factory-calibrated for use with SYBR®, FAM™, HEX®, VIC®, ROX®, Cy®5 and can also be used with any qPCR fluorophores overlapping with these calibrated dyes. For excitation, two panels of 48 fixed LEDs provide excitation energy of distinct spectra, enabling broad range excitation.

Each of the 48 LEDs illuminates a specific plate well location, eliminating the optical distortion created by most stationary optical systems.

Data for each of the four emission wavelengths is collected on every well for every PCR cycle cutting out set up errors by detecting the wrong fluor.

Prescaning of each well and adjusting the excitation light allows uniform emissions leading to less well to well bleed and stopping flare-out caused by over

HRM analysis protocols are supported by continuous data acquisition during the melt for increased data collection and reduced run times.

The user can change the plate setup and perform data analysis after the run is complete.