Nucleic Acid Shipping and Storage

Biomatrica offers an integrated, modular approach to sample management, sample shipping and sample storage. The technologies offer greater sample consistency and dependability for storage and transport, whilst maintaining the highest sample quality for reliable results.

The Biomatrica ambient temperature storage reagents can reduce costs of long term nucleic acid storage (see the application note in the downloads section) and allow researchers to avoid the high cost of dry ice shipments of Blood, DNA and RNA.

Once purified, DNA and RNA can be readily stabilised using DNAStable and RNAStable, and recovery of the template is as simple as adding water. The nucleic acids, once reconstituted, can be used directly in demanding downstream applications such as NGS, RT-qPCR, and transfection. In fact, during product development, Biomatrica was a little surprised to see that DNAStable preserved template out-performed DNA stored at -80 in downstream PCRs and upon further work it was realized that the most likely cause of this was molecular aggregation caused by the stablisation reagents.

RNAStable is particularly valuable for shipping valuable templates to service providers for micro-array or NGS services, not only does it dramatically reduce the cost of shipping, typically by thousands of dollars, it also provides a guarantee of security that all too often is not concomitant with dry ice shipping services, both nationally and, in particular, internationally.

To read the recent poster of the validation by the Broad Institute, please click here.