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The Diagenode Bioruptor® is a state-of-the-art sonication system, cited in more than 2,000 publications. The Bioruptor can simultaneously process up to 12 samples with volume flexibility from 0.5 ml to 50 ml to accurately achieve random and unbiased shearing for different fragment ranges. The closed tube format prevents sample cross-contamination, allowing unmatched reproducibility. Using a highly-controlled ultrasonic energy with ACT (Adaptive Cavitation Technology), a non-contact, parallel-processing and isothermal technology, the Bioruptor is ideal for chromatin shearing for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), genomic DNA shearing for next generation sequencing, RNA shearing, cell and tissue disruption, and much more.

Bioruptor Apps

The Bioruptor® Pico and Plus utilize a sonication bath-based rotor. The walls of the sonication bath reflect the ultrasound waves in a random but reproducible pattern. The samples in the tube holder are rotated through the ultrasound field to expose each sample to the same level and intensity of energy to ensure shearing consistency. A unique cooling system providing isothermal processing and the gentle ultrasound preserve and retain the integrity of biological samples and ensure high sample recovery.


overview-pico 3

  Figure: Isothermal and homogeneous sample preparation with the Bioruptor®. Left panels : Precise temperature control to maintain integrity in sample preparation. The single cycle valve and the 4°C water cooler deliver efficient cooling and reliable performance. Finite element analysis software modeling of temperature around the sample (upper panel). Sample temperature measured with Krystal MV64 thermocouple during sonication cycles (30''/30'' cycles) showing the perfect isothermal processing (lower panel). Right panels: Powerful and uniform processing of samples down to 5ul (12 samples) to large volumes of 20ml (3 samples). Bioruptor empowers optimal and reproducible chromatin shearing while preserving high protein integrity (upper panel). Bioruptor's most advanced ultrasound transmitter and water bath design ensure equal energy distribution. Cavitation energy, expressed as % of the maximum level, is measured with PPB Ultrasonic/Megasonic energy meter (lower panel).