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Diagenode focuses on state-of-the-art preparation of high quality biological samples and is dedicated to theCSDownloads
most advanced analytical methods. Achieving proper fragment sizes for input DNA, chromatin, or RNA is 
crucial for various techniques, and Diagenode has developed the most advanced water bath sonicators (the Bioruptor® for 150bp - 2kb), a unique desktop sonication device (the One® for 150bp - 1kb) and a unique hydrodynamic shearing instrument (the Megaruptor® for 2kb - 75kb) to cover a range of applications.

The Bioruptor® is available in two models: the Bioruptor® Plus, specifically designed for ChIP-PCR and other applications, and the Bioruptor® Pico for ChIP-seq and NGS.

The Megaruptor® is the best shearing device for the tightest distribution of long DNA fragments.

The One® is the new desktop solution that provides optimal small volume DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing.