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Oligo Pools

Oligo pools, high diversity collections of oligonucleotides, are utilized in many applications, including generation of CRISPR guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries and high-throughput reporter assays.Accuracy and uniformity of oligo synthesis are critical to ensure the oligo pools generated precisely match the design. Oligo pools for CRISPR screens cloned into expression vectors, generating sgRNA libraries targeting loci of interest. Twist Bioscience's industry-leading low synthesis error rate and uniform sequence representation result in high quality libraries that enable the most efficient CRISPR screens.

Unamplified Oligo Pools Specs

  • Pools from 2k to 696k sequences (contact us for > 696k sequences)
  • > 0.1 fmol per oligo
  • Up to 200 nt sequences


Key Benefits

  • Precision Editing of Target Loci
  • Accurate synthesis for specific targeting
  • Industry-leading 1:500 error rate
  • Maximized Screening Efficiency
  • Uniform synthesis ensures oligo representation
  • >90% of oligos represented within 4X of the mean
  • Library Designs Made Easy
  • CRISPR library design services with Desktop Genetics
  • Optimized algorithms for high activity & specificity