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Simplify and Accelerate your bacterial genome sequencing!

Combine the benefits of long range PromethION sequencing and short read sequencing to cut out the confusion. 

Using the only certified Oxford Nanopore Sequencing service in Asia Pacific you can generate a single read of an entire bacterial genome, and then have it polished and refined using short read length sequencing technology.

With a turn around time of 7 weeks from receipt of bacterial genomes to completed maps you can hit your milestones with ease.promethion-system

The service can be run with single samples, but price breaks exist for 10 samples or more.

Prices, for long-read only, start from USD500, add an extra USD150 for the complementary short-read sequencing.  Priced by the genome.

If you would like a quote for this service, just click here to send us a message.

Data Generation:

  • PromethION long-read sequencing
  • NGS short-read sequencing (Optional)


  • Data QC and filtering
  • Genome assembly
  • Plasmid analysis
  • Genome annotation
  • Gene function analysis
  • Genome map (circular map)