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Universal Metagenomics
Environmental metagenomics involves dealing with a nearly infinite number of different combinations of microbiome communities and sample types. 

Current commercial extraction kits are designed for speed and ease of use, and are not nearly robust enough to consistently extract an adequate yield and representation of DNA from the resident microbiome for downstream analyses.

Omega Bio-tek has partnered with the Extreme Microbiome Project (XMP) to develop the Mag-BindĀ®Universal Metagenomics Kit for DNA extraction from organisms found in extreme environments that is also compatible with most environmental sample types.

This new kit employs a hybrid, self-customizable protocol that covers proper pre-treatment for a variety of sample types,a core multi-lysis (mechanical, enzymatic, and chemical) extraction protocol, along with other optional sample type-specific steps.

This approach provides investigators the ability to use one single kit to optimize and maintain their DNA extraction method for consistent results and analysis.

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