• Azure600

The Azure Series Imaging Systemsazure-600

Azure Biosystems is dedicated to designing instruments that can deliver industry-leading performance across a broad range of laboratory applications, without overcomplicating the user experience.

The Azure Range of Gel Imagers represents a suite of upgradeable cSeries instrumentation that gives researchers industry-leading performance in a flexible system that allows them to use the best application for their research.

From the 300 upwards the system can be upgraded with modular options to allow your imaging technology to evolve with your research.  The instrument product line culminates in the 600 system, and is the only imaging line on the market that combines the following features:

  • Infrared laser excitation for quantitative Western blot imaging in the near IR
  • Picogram detection of proteins with chemiluminescent Westerns
  • Versatile dye selection with Cy®5/Cy3/Cy2 excitation, and more
  • Fully upgradable from the base unit.

You no longer have to choose one chemistry for your Western blots, you can buy one system and customize it to your needs.

The Azure Series Imagers are easy-to-use and reliable instruments for Western blot imaging, and enable labs to use one system for fluorescent and chemiluminescent Westerns. The simple user interface allows fast imaging of all sample types. Full upgradability means customers can have confidence that their system will grow and adapt with their needs

 System Specs