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Twist Custom Panels

Deriving meaningful results from a genomic assay depends heavily on the ability to customize. Target selection and probe design play a major role in ensuring a highly efficient assay. With the rapid pace at which research advances, the ability to add targets and adjust design to ensure complete coverage is critical.

Twist Custom Panels enable efficient capture of all intended targets through the combined advantage of tightly controlled, balanced probe representation and a highly scalable synthesis platform that allows targeting of tens to tens-of-thousands of targets. This technology is complemented by a rapid iteration pipeline that facilitates quick and efficient design optimization, ensuring that workflow biases are considered, reducing the design turn-around time from testing to production.

Efficiency of capture is highly dependent on specificity. This metric drives how well each target base is covered with reads and the confidence level at which the variant call can be made. Twist Bioscience's custom design algorithm implements a delicate balance between stringency and coverage. By placing probes in highly unique regions of the genome and by adjusting for biasinducing features, a tightly controlled representation of probes is achieved. This balanced coverage results in highly uniform data, maximizing sequencing output to drive deeper target coverage or increase sample throughput per sequencing run (Figure 2).

Key Benefits

Uniform and Complete Target Coverage

  • NGS-based QC ensures 100% probe representation, eliminating dropout
  • Optimized probe balancing promotes uniform capture

Unique Design Customization

  • Proprietary design algorithms enable balanced capture even for challenging regions
  • Scalable design from 102 to over 106 probes per pool

Perfect Your Custom Content Faster

  • Fewer iteration cycles to final design
  • Faster turnaround time from pilot to production