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Combinatorial Variant Libraries

Twist Bioscience's unique capability to synthesize very large numbers of high quality oligos with our massively parallel silicon-based DNA synthesis platform, combined with Twist's well established molecular biology expertise, allow the controlled fabrication of highly diverse gene mutant libraries with highly specific, user--defined, composition.


Product Specs

  • Product Format: Linear double stranded DNA, NGS-verified
  • Delivery and Yield: All variants pooled in a single tube, up to 1 μg (depending on length of fragment)
  • Price: Project dependent
  • Turnaround Time: Project dependent



High Diversity Precision

  • Multi-variant domains in single or multiple scaffolds (>10^10 variants)
  • Precise control over codon usage (all 64 codons), amino acid distribution, and length variation

Verified Quality

  • Rigorous quality control, including NGS-verification of modified regions
  • Sequence variant ratios documented


  • Design all sequences, single or multiple domains and combinations - single, pairwise, or triple variants
  • Modular synthesis system enables iteration and of future libraries