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Azure Aqua Vertical Gel Running SystemQuad-mini-cell

Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell

The Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell is designed for running 1–4 precast or handcast gels (cassette size 10cm x 8cm) for electrophoresis. The locking side fasteners provide a tight seal that ensure rapid and easy electrophoresis. The unit comes equipped with 4 gel casting stands and casting frames, perfect for handcasting your own gels. Simply align the spacer and short glass plates, seal between the hinges, and allow your gel to polymerize. Insert the polymerized gel into the electrophoresis module for an efficient gel running experiment.


  • 4 gel casting stands and casting frames
  • 1 buffer dam
  • 5 spacer plates (1mm)CSDownloads
  • 10 short glass plates
  • 5 15-well combs
  • 5 10-well combs
  • 5 sealing gaskets
  • 5 gel shovels
  • Tank and pper lid with power cables
  • Primary and Secondary Electrode Cores