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Omega Biotek

Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-Tek has been at the forefront of Nucleic Acid purification. Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-tek, Inc. has been at the forefront of nucleic acid purification. Recognizing the increasing utilization of recombinant DNA techniques in human, animal, and plant biology research, we are committed to catering to the needs of scientists with products tailored to specific applications. Our goal is to offer customers high-quality, convenient, and economical kits for all their nucleic acid purification needs. Our diverse product line ranges from RNA purification from plants to DNA extraction from dried blood spots. By offering over 800 products for nucleic acid isolation, we offer a solution to almost any of your nucleic acid purification needs.

HiBind DNA Columns

Omega Bio-teks HiBind technology in a spin column format can bind up to 40 ug of plasmid DNA and 100 ug of genomic or Total RNA. The HiBind columns can be used with centrifugation or vacuum based methods. Utilizing chaotropic salts, detergents or alcohol groups nucleic acids are bound to the columns were they can be further washed and eluted.

96-well Silica Plates

Omega Bio-teks HiBind technology is the basis of our E-Z 96 silica plates that provide a binding capacity up to 50 ug genomic DNA and total RNA and 20 ug plasmid DNA. Our kits utilize semi-skirted 96-well plates that fit manual and automated vacuum manifolds and plate adaptors for centrifugation. The E-Z 96 silica plates incorporates a silica glass fiber matrix which offers excellent well-to-well consistency and includes tip directors to eliminate cross contamination. The plates feature a 750 uL well capacity to reduce sample processing time.

Mag Bind

Our Mag-Bind technology provides a flexible and reliable method for isolating nucleic acids using magnetic beads. Our magnetic beads are customized to each application offering optimal magnetization response time, settling, and binding capacity. Magnetic beads can be used in 24, 96, or 384-well formats to fit your sample size. By eliminating retention volume commonly seen with filter-based purifications, magnetic beads allow for higher recovery and optimal yield. Magnetic stands can be added to liquid handlers which utilize SBS format and can be programmed for their application allowing for an inexpensive way to process multiple plates simultaneously.