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MicroGEM offers an expanding range of DNA and RNA extraction kits, defined by the process of Temperature Controlled Extraction, or the use of heat to activate sequential enzymatic steps to control the extraction process through to the heat inactivation of the reagents.

The kits are scaleable, automatable and lossless, and yield DNA suitable for most PCR based applications including routine PCR for cloning or sequencing, qPCR, STR-PCR, WGA and SNP detection using platforms such as the MassArray and other PCR based detection methods.  The scalability allows the same reagents to be used on tissue samples from mouse tails to laser capture microdissected tissue, with linear yields of DNA release from 1 to 200,000 cells.

The MicroGEM reagents rely on the use of a highly active, thermostable protease, that allows the extraction of DNA in buffers that are highly compatible with downstream PCR and RT-PCR. This allows for more lysate to be carried into the downstream PCR, offering greater sensitivity in detecting low abundance DNA species in mixed samples.  For more information on the EA1 protease click here