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Accessories for PAGE and Western Analysis

Advansta also offers a full range of compatibility developed and tested accessories and associated products to assist you in achieving the best results your samples can deliver.

Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit:

The Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit is a fast, efficient way to concentrate protein samples and remove buffer components that may interfere with electrophoresis. In less than 10 minutes, samples are ready for SDS-PAGE or immunoblotting. The Afyon protocol is easily scaled up and can be used for routine preparation of samples. The Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit includes everything needed to prepare protein samples for electrophoresis: Afyon resin, spin filters, and sample loading buffer.  The sample loading buffers are available separately.

  • K-02101-010  Afyon SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation Kit  10 rxn
  • K-02101-025  Afyon SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation kit  25 rxn

Protein sample loading buffers

These ready-to-use Laemmli loading buffers contain Bromophenol blue to enable visualization of the dye front and monitoring of the progress of electrophoresis. Choose from reducing or non-reducing buffers, each supplied as a 2X concentrate.

  • R-03018-B10 Non-reducing protein sample loading buffer (2X) 1 ml
  • R-03018-B50 Non-reducing protein sample loading buffer (2X) 5 ml
  • R-03019-B10 Reducing protein sample loading buffer (2X) 1 ml
  • R-03019-B50 Reducing protein sample loading buffer (2X) 5 ml

AdvanBlock-PF blocking solution

AdvanBlock-PF is a protein-free blocking solution, optimized for use with the WesternBright MCF fluorescent Western blotting kit and also works as an excellent blocking reagent for chemiluminescent Western blotting. It is fast-acting, and stabilizes the fluorescence of the WesternBright MCF secondary antibody conjugates. AdvanBlock-PF can reduce background when used with primary antibodies that have a high degree of cross-reactivity with protein blockers such as BSA, casein or milk protein. With low-quality primary antibodies that may require protein-based blocking agents, BSA or non-fat dry milk can be dissolved directly in the AdvanBlock-PF solution used to dilute the antibody. Provided as a 5X concentrate.

  • R-03023-D20 AdvanBlock 200 ml

AdvanWash washing solution

AdvanWash washing solution can be used with any Western blotting system, including all WesternBright chemiluminescent HRP substrates and the WesternBright MCF fluorescent Western blotting kit. Provided as a 10X concentrate.

  • R-03024-D50 AdvanWash 500 ml

Avant buffer pouches

Advansta's Avant buffer pouches are perfect for standardizing your electrophoresis and Western blotting applications. Dissolve a pouch of pre-measured molecular biology-grade chemicals in 500 ml of deionized water to obtain a ready-to-use 1x buffer without any further preparation. Save precious time in the laboratory and generate reproducible results with Avant buffers.

  • R-01036-020 Avant Buffer Pouches - Tris-Glycine SDS PAGE buffer  20/pk
  • R-01037-020 Avant Buffer Pouches - Tris-Glycine PAGE buffer 20/pk
  • R-01038-020 Avant Buffer Pouches - PBS  20/pk
  • R-01039-020 Avant Buffer Pouches - TBS  20/pk