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Azure c600

The Ultimate Western Blot Imaging System.Azurec600sm1

Capture Western blot images any way you want.

Your Western blot method shouldn't be limited by your imaging system. Fluorescent detection offers excellent quantitation and mutiplex capability. Chemiluminescent detection delivers ultimate sensitivity for low abundance proteins. The c600 offers both. Azure Biosystems doesn't restrict your choice of reagents, either. There are no proprietary stains or dyes. All you get is the freedom to capture data any way you want.

Product Features

  • Two Channel Infrared (IR) Direct Detection – Laser diodes at 660nm and 785nm offer better sensitivity than LEDs or white light sources
  • Three Channel RGB Excitation – For Cy5/Cy3/Cy2 applications --allows quantitation of two proteins (or modifications) and a loading control without stripping and re-probing
  • Fast Chemiluminescent Detection without film. Place your sample in the tray and capture your image with a click of a button
  • Capture all your gel and blot images on a single instrument. DNA, protein, colorimetric or photometric
  • 4.3 OD Dynamic Range







AzureSpot Analysis Software

Analysis tools for 2D densitometry, automatic land and band detection, background correct, molecular weight calculation, and annotation.