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Introducing the personal, portable, ultra-fast Palm PCR™ instrument from Ahram Biosystems.  

With a volume similar to a deep well plate, 12 wells, a four hour battery, and amplification in is as little as 25 minutes, the Palm PCR™ brings PCR to the point of care.

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The Palm PCR™ uses a novel system for creating the thermalcycling environment.   Three stacked heating blocks generate 3 discrete temperatures zones across the micro-PCR tube which, in conjunction with the angle of the tube during incubations, cause the reaction fluid to cycle within the PCR tube, carrying the reagents and template through denaturation, primer binding and extension.

This microfluidic cycling means that there is no temperature ramping and the entire amplification reaction can be carried out in as little as 25 minutes for a 400bp amplicon.  Longer amplicons will require longer protocols with the maximum amplification length of 2000bp being acheived in 39 minutes.

For more information on the Palm PCR™ system, please click one of the buttons below.  If you would like to request a demonstration or trial of the Palm PCR system, please use the sample request form under "Contact".